The faster app for barbershop tags

The next generation in tag-singing apps, with full offline search, tags saved locally, and more — built by barbershoppers, for barbershoppers.

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Tags done better

How is TagPole different?

The tag apps that came before are all different UIs over the same web API; TagPole is the only app to be built on a full local tag index and database, with unmatched speed and reduced bandwidth usage.

Blazing-fast search.
Because the entire index is on your device, search results are near-instant while you type, even with no internet connection at all.
Tags saved for later.
Why redownload your favorite tag every week at afterglow? TagPole keeps the tags you view locally on your device, saving you time and mobile data usage. (Try searching and opening a tag you've seen before in airplane mode!)
Actively developed.
TagPole has a full roadmap of upcoming features and receives regular updates with new features, improvements, and bug fixes, sometimes as often as weekly.

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